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Kindergarten Social Work Services

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Given the keen demand for the support service for kindergarten students and their parents, we have established school-based social worker provision service since June 2007.

Through the extensive cooperation between social workers and teaching staff, appropriate support and counseling services have been provided to the users who are in need. Over the last 10 years, we served more than 40 kindergartens and nurseries.



  • To assist schools to provide parental education. Parents could learn more about their children’s development needs and positive parenting strategies through the learning. This can also enhance the effectiveness of home-school co-operation.
  • To identify the families in need and provide appropriate counseling and assistance for enhancing the full development of children.
  • To provide counseling and training for teachers for improving their teaching quality. 


Services Contents

Counseling and Referrals

To provide professional counseling for the children and families in need. It can help parents handling parent-child relationship, family or couple relationships issues, and others child behaviors issues. Professional service and community resources will be referred if necessary.


Parenting Support

To provide parenting talks, focus-groups and workshops as well as parent-child activities.


Child Development and Support

To strengthen the development of children, social workers will organize a variety of children services, such as developmental groups and activities on social skills, moral education or emotion management.


Teacher Training and Support

To provide teachers with consultation / counseling services, training groups / activities or team building workshops.

Crisis Intervention

To handle with child abuse cases, family crisis, child accidents etc.


Service Targets

Students, parents and teaching staff in Kindergartens and Nurseries




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