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Paid Therapy Service

Service Properties

Provide relevant assessment and training for children in need on their development milestone, so as to improve the children’s overall development and learning capability.

Service Characteristics

Services will be provided by experienced speech therapists, registered vocational therapists, registered physical therapists, registered social workers, clinical psychologists and educational psychologists.

Service Types

Professional Assessment

Including assessment of Intelligence, dyslexia assessment, attention assessment, psychological assessment, autism assessment and comprehensive competence assessment (coordination between gross motor and fine motor, writing ability and social and communication skills), provide a proper training that is specifically suitable for the child.

Psychological Counseling Service

Clinical psychologist/educational psychologist will provide individual training or psychological counseling for children who suffer serious difficulties in learning or emotional disturbance.

Integrated Training


To strengthen the gross motor, physical coordination and balance capacity in order to enhance physical and learning capabilities

Occupational Therapy

To improves children’s fine motor and writing ability, hand-eye coordination and visual tracking ability, etc. Also, it builds an integrated developmental foundation for sensory function and sensory integration, self-care and social intercourse so that the performance of children in self-care, games and learning will be improved.

Speech Therapy

To improve verbal comprehension and presentation skills, Chinese reading, pronunciation & articulation, sound ray and stammer, etc. It also improves the performance in game skills and social communication through individual or group training.

Group Training

Training groups include social group, self-care group, writing group and sensory integration group, etc.

Comprehensive Development Training for Children

The integrated developmental training for children is designed and implemented in accordance with the children’s competence and need. It aims to help children consolidate their learning foundation.

Consulting and Supporting Centre for Parents

Advisory and Counseling Services

Provide counseling services in emotion and marriage, etc. to promote family harmony.

Parenting Seminar and Workshop

Improves parenting skills and establishes supporting web for parents to alleviate their pressure and enhance parent-child relationship.


Children up to the age of 12 years and their parents

Service Hours

Monday to Friday 9:00a.m. - 5:30p.m

Saturday  9:00a.m. - 12:00n.n.

Application Procedures

The applicant can register in person or make an appointment by telephone (need to wait).

Our bureau has established a Special Child Development Fund. It is used to provide economic relief for family in need. Please refer to our centre for details.

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