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Special Child Development Fund


  1. Providing professional assessment, pertinent and comprehensive training services for the children with developmental disorders
  2. Subsidy for assisting needy children to purchase rehabilitation appliances to enhance their full development.
  3. Providing advisory and counseling service for parents to enhance parenting efficacy and to facilitate the mutual support between family members.
  4. Conducting community education to raise public awareness and acceptance of special children and advocate harmony.

Service Contents

1. Training and Support Services
   - Provide professional assessment and treatment for individual: psychological service, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and cognitive training.
   - Provide fund for needy people to purchase rehabilitation appliances.
2. Parental Support
   - Advisory and counseling service
   - Parents talks and workshops
3. Community Education
   - Hold lectures and provide advisory services for schools and district organizations

Application Qualifications and Methods

Please refer to the Application Guide on this web page.


Address: Po Leung Kuk Kwok Law Kwai Chun Child Development Center, 66 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
Telephone: 22778301/22778426
Email: [email protected]

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